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Highway to Hell

Although Hell Patrol is officially released, the journey is just beginning. I keep hearing Rick's voice in the back of my mind telling me to keep pushing ahead. It's a fuck-ton of work, but you have to keep on the hustle, which is a full-time job in itself. Being a published indie musician for the past decade plus has provided an arsenal of tools and some solid networking, but there's definitely several acres of fallow soil to plow for yours truly in the literary industry. By the way, I'm bringing certain elements of the heavy underground scene with me on this release--more details to come, but this book is tying a lot of spheres of interest together for me in a way that is very satisfying.

I'm no stranger to self-promotion. I can get into it. So thanks to all who have--and will--indulge the plugs, the reviews, the shares, and the word of mouth for this little book. We're just getting started. And like Rick always says: “You’ve already been written off, so relax and have fun. This is just another stop along the highway to hell. Now put your fists in and tear it up.”

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