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Hell Patrol Fan Video-Upcoming Merch Giveaway

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

**SPOILER FREE MERCH UPDATE** Definitely appreciate all the fan pics and videos coming in, you guys rule. Keep them coming because we are about to launch the merch for this title release, and I'll be doing a Hell Patrol t-shirt giveaway designed by the cover artist, Tony Roberts ( soon!! If you have sent in a photo or video (@tarverstales on Facebook or Instagram,, that includes a physical copy of Hell Patrol, you will be entered into the t-shirt giveaway. And shit, I might even be sending out some freebies to anyone who has shown Hell Patrol such love. Stay tuned. **SEMI-SPOILER ALERT** Cool video below from @sloshyspaceman who believes he has replicated the "void blast" call from the abyss on an earthly musical device known as the Roland MC-707.

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