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Against the backdrop of late-stage Satanic Panic, a coven of the almighty riff is forged in homage to the progenitors of heavy metal. Armed with their first set of wheels and a rag-tag backline of second-hand gear, the ride-or-die, denim and leather clad Hell Patrol is ready to hit the road to hone their chops.

But no one ever said rock 'n roll was easy.

Getting detention because your principal thinks you’re in league with the devil can be a drag, but as this tight group of metal misfits is about to discover...there are worse things than high school.

With the help of a mysterious guidance counselor, the members of Hell Patrol navigate otherworldly obstacles and small-town life as they embark on their quest towards the big stage. But before they can pursue their dreams on the road to glory, they’ll have to pay their toll on the highway to hell.

"R. D. Tarver delivers the goods! Think you're gonna find a better read than this tale of hideous monsters and heavy metal? You've got another thing comin'... Break out the beers & pull an all-nighter with the Hell Patrol---heads are gonna roll!"


--Damian Stephens

author of Fear Club: A Confession, and A Good Year for Monsters


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